Stuart’s touring credits include: Amanda ShawThe New Riders of the Purple SageDuke RobillardSue Foley and Joe Ferry to name a few. He has performed in 35 states including Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino.

His recording credits include: Sue Foley, Debbie DaviesMatt Rae, Michael Hill, Joe Ferry and Gil Parris. Stuart has recorded on dozens of projects over the last 20 years and can be heard on the soundtrack of the Paramount major motion picture “You Can Count On Me” starring Laura Linney and Matthew Broderick. See the Discography page for a partial listing of Stu’s recorded work.

Stuart has worked with such renowned producers as Terry Cashman, Michael Mugrage, Joe Ferry, Brian Forbes and Paul Opalach. He also played drums on the Keri Shore tune “Finally”, which won second place at the John Lennon Song Writing Awards.